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About SYZE

Who We Are

We at SYZE, welcome you to our official Retail site. SYZE is a UK based company which aims to bring innovation and novelty to the art of manufacturing dental and surgical equipment.

SYZE uses the German notion in order to revolutionize the conventional concept of the equipment design and bring improvements in it.

What We Do

Currently SYZE is manufacturing state of the art surgical and dental equipment for almost every sort of surgical procedure. Our designed surgical and dental equipment stands apart from the contemporaries in its design and quality. All the equipment is fashioned from German Stainless Steel is renowned for its quality, superior design and characteristic features which conform to all the international standards.

We are focused towards the betterment of the health sector. We realize the importance of our work and are immensely proud of the trust that our customers place in us. It drives us to work harder and deliver better quality surgical and dental equipment which saves lives of many a day.

We work in synchronization with the surgeons so as to ensure that all our products are designed just according to their requirements. We aim to aid the surgeons in their efforts as they work to help ease the ailing ones.

Instruments offered Here

SYZE particularly provides three kinds of surgical and dental equipment namely the Orthodontics, Cosmetic Implants and Surgical instruments. We make a special effort to include the surgeons as a part of our design team so as to ensure that all the problems faced by the surgeons while performing the procedure are well understood and that our equipment meets all their requirements.

At SYZE we never compromise at quality because we value every life. That is why we have launched our products to facilitate hygiene such as Sterilization trays and Anti-fog sprays.

Our special equipment for the dental procedures includes crown removers as well as other latest orthodontic equipment. Our excellent dental products are praised far and wide for their design and quality. Our Needle holders for doctors as well as surgeons combine style with necessity.

The rates at which the equipment is offered are quite reasonable and affordable. On the up side, the clients are offered huge discounts for placing bulk orders. Our special offers are also available for the purchase of dental kits. We accept the popular payment methods including the PayPal.

We do not need to say much about us as our excellent product ratings and reviews speak for themselves. We, with the aid of our customers’ and patients’ feedback, aim to improve healthcare. Despite the market competition, we believe in our mission of bringing a healthy smile to every face and are committed to it nonetheless. This is the sole reason behind the trust that our customers show because they know we put them first.

You can find all the information regarding the surgical and/or cosmetic products on this site. The SYZE website features the latest contraception that we have designed. For ease of browsing, the instruments and equipment has been placed categorically.

Shipping and Returns

We provide shipment services worldwide. The put great value in commitment and thus provide services and customer support even after the delivery. Our products are exclusively guaranteed for upto one year. We also offer a 30 day return policy and full refund for the unopened/unused items starting from the day of shipment. Our products are specialized to keep up with the evolving medical practices. You need to try them our equipment yourself and feel the difference.

We recognize the fact that each day, through our dental and surgical equipment, we bring hope to people and give them a new life. It is our trust in our mission that is our driving force.

Browse through our equipment and find the one that best suits your needs.


Thank you for visiting us and spending time on our store. Please keep visiting.

Ami Mir
Chief Executive